The ride will start at 8:00 am. If you think your fast, then line up in the front. Alltough this is a supported ride, you are responsible for your own safety and for knowing the course. The route will be clearly marked with signs and road paint. Please see our Rules Page for more info. 

  • The first aid station will be at mile 12. This is Sadorus Park. There will be water, snacks, limited first aid, and restrooms available. 

  • The second stop is mile 37 at Allerton Park. We recommend stopping here. This station will have water, gatorade, snacks, limited first aid, restrooms, and an aircondioned area incase you get overheated. 

  • The third aid station is a Casey's General Store at mile 56 in De Land. Please have cash or credit card as this is a self serve stop. Food, water, restrooms, and gas!

  • The fourth aid station is at mile 77. This will be at the Lake access just before the bridge on the right. There will be water and gu available here. There are also restrooms. Be sure to refill your water here!

  • The fifth and last aid station is at mile 102. This is Sangamon Park. This stop will have water and Gu. No restrooms here, but it is a forest preserve. 

200K Cut offs

This route will have two options to cut off a few miles in case you bit off more than you can chew. The first cut off will be at mile 58. Just continue north on E 2400 North Rd and turn right back onto the route at E 2600 North Rd. This route will finish with 85 miles. 

The second cut off will be at mile 64. Just continue north on 2250 East Rd and turn right onto Kennedy rd before the lake. This will put you back on course. This route will finish with 100 miles. 

Do the right thing if you use a shortcut and tell the timing guy when you get back. We will know based on your mileage if you finished the whole 200K.